About us

The Director and a significant proportion of the core team have acquired more than 30 years of experience within the removals business, initially at a legendary, quality-focused business based in Frankfurt, and, since its sale in the year 2004, at the newly established MTL Umzüge Möbel Transport Lagerservice GmbH. After harnessing and internalising quality standards previously held up, we moved on to create a company that has surpassed its tenth year of business while enjoying solid growth and continuous improvement.

We are an independent removals business without ties to a movers association. Our headquarters are located in Friedberg Bauernheim, roughly 30 km north of Frankfurt and situated near to the A5 motorway. It is there that we organise the deployment of our teams and removals vehicles. We also operate our own office facilities in the city of Wiesbaden for international and overseas relocations.

Many customers come to us based on recommendations by other customers. Private individuals recommend us to acquaintances, neighbours, friends and relatives. Companies located within the greater Frankfurt Rhein-Main region happily commission us to implement their office and employee relocation programmes, as well as day-to-day relocation and disposal tasks, small-scale renovation work and storage. Large-scale relocation carriers and American relocators regularly use our national services for packing, customer delivery and our specialist route coverage.

Specially trained and experienced furniture assemblers are a component part of our teams. We can also bring in carpenters, electricians and installation technicians as required. We are proud of our team: they are well trained, they work diligently to avoid causing any damage and develop solutions themselves on site in order to solve problems. It is these qualities that make the decisive difference, together with their multilingual communication skills and their thriving interculturality.