Our main routes

Thanks to our reliable removal trucks and with the help of carefully selected partners, we are able to organise removals to any place and from anywhere. There are, however, metropolitan areas and routes where our service is in particular demand.

Interregional removals

As a removals company based in Friedberg we have a particularly good understanding of the greater Rhein-Main area, whether your move will be taking you from Bad Nauheim to Rüsselsheim, from Hanau to Mainz, from Königstein to Darmstadt, from Offenbach to Wiesbaden, from Oberursel to Aschaffenburg or from Frankfurt to Bad Homburg. You can also see our removals trucks in places such as Mainz, Kaiserslautern, Butzbach, Idstein, Landstuhl, Hofheim, Eschborn and many other towns and cities in the greater Frankfurt area.

These are the starting points for your move to all corners of the world.

Moving within Europe

MTL organises your move to every destination within Northern and Western Europe, covering countries such as France and Spain to Portugal, via Belgium and the Netherlands to England, Ireland and Scotland, via Denmark to Sweden, Norway and Finland, via Italy to Greece and to the non-EU country of Switzerland. Thanks to our partners we are also able to organise removals to East and South-East Europe, and to Russia.

If you’re looking to move to countries outside of the European Union, we can handle the relevant customs matters and processing at either the port or airport.

If necessary, we are happy to place your removal items in storage near to your future home, to make sure that you have quick access to them as needed.

Moving to London, Paris and Brussels

Transporting furniture between the Rhein-Main region and Brussels or Paris, and between the Rhein-Main region and London is something we do on a particularly frequent basis.

Moving to Turkey / Moving from Turkey

A removals lorry regularly commutes between our storage facility in Friedberg and Turkey. We can organise your relocation to Turkey from any area of Germany. Our primary destinations in Turkey include the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Alanya From these points onwards our long-standing and reliable partners are able to transport your removal items to Germany.

We ensure that your shipment is packed professionally, thus making sure that it arrives safely. Our knowledge of customs processing is excellent. We can also access apartments in countries that are not otherwise reachable with large removals trucks.

Our Turkish partners are also certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO. We have access to offices and furniture storage facilities in Germany and in Turkey, and employ a team of staff fluent in German, English and Turkish. This allows us to offer you a tailored consultation.

We offer fair prices. We would be happy to provide you with an offer for your specialist removal needs!


Get in touch with us: umzug-tuerkei@mtl-umzuege.de

Small-scale removals

You’re only looking to take a few selected furniture items and boxes with you?
We can organise small-scale removals as additional cargo across many routes within Europe.