Frequently Asked Questions
That depends. The following factors have a significant influence on the costs associated with a move, and therefore our price: the total volume of removal items, the necessary services (furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing services, transporting a piano or a safe), the necessary packing material, the conditions at the place of departure and arrival (carrying route, access) and the distance between your old place and your new place. For smaller-scale moves you can simply provide us with this information by telephone or email, or we will be happy to organise a viewing tour using a smart phone app.
If it involves a larger-scale move with complicated local conditions our removals advisers will be happy to offer you a free-of-charge, non-binding viewing appointment, in order to clarify all the important details. After the viewing has taken place you will receive a fixed price offer on the basis of the viewing results.
You want to know before the move which company you should trust with your removal items. You don’t want to pay too much, but also don’t want any removal stress.
The Internet hosts a number of different portals for removal service auctions promising massive savings on removals costs, as well as furniture carriers promising amazingly low-cost services. If you simply rely on the promises made and, above all, decide to go with the cheapest offer, you are entering into a number of critical risks: You will only know when the move is taking place as to whether you have chosen a dud. One thing is for certain: those enticing savings promised to you during the auction are simply unrealistic, no matter how much is saved in terms of staff, material and transport. Even small savings have a significant effect on the move itself.
A cheaper removals service is simply not the same removals service for less money. It is a different removals service, perhaps cheaper but more risky. No removals company works to make a loss. Far rather, they apply a number of additional costs during the move, which remain hidden in the small print of the removals contract.
Before you spend a lot of time obtaining offers and booking viewing appointments, you should try putting together an initial list of selected removals companies based on a few easily verifiable criteria:
Ask your acquaintances about their experiences with removals companies.
Take a look at the companies located near to the places where your furniture will be loaded and unloaded.
When getting in touch, be sure to ask whether the carrier uses its own teams and trucks. Some carriers concentrate on the sales process and simply hire packers as required. Their training is insufficient in the majority of cases.
Be sure to check any association memberships and certifications. A certification by the Federal Association of Removal Businesses and Logistics (Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik e.V. [AMÖ]) is a testament to a company that operates in accordance with the quality criteria set by the association. A DIN EN ISO certification is confirmation of a systematic, quality-focused company management approach. Memberships of international associations such as FEDEMAC or the IAM mean that the company’s operation fulfils the quality criteria governing international removals business. Your own move will benefit from such a focus on quality: in the form of strong planning and qualified staff, proper equipment and appropriate packing material.
An appealing and informative website is an indication that the company places great value on a serious and professional appearance.
By setting these criteria, you will be sure to whittle down the list of carriers. You can be sure that each and every one of them will provide you with a serious offer. You should not require more than three offers, in order to obtain an overview of the price range for your move. Whether or not you have a good feeling after a viewing appointment should also be a key criterion: Trust is an important requirement for your move in addition to the price; after all, you are letting strangers disassemble, pack, transport and reassemble your personal space. This involves a number of important work steps that have to be right. It’s good to have a contact person who takes personal responsibility for dealing with difficult situations, and to have people in your apartment who you would have no doubts about encountering on the street in the evenings.
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There are quite a few things that need sorting before the removals truck arrives. It is best to start preparing for your move date six weeks in advance. Take the first step:
Get in touch with us…
MTL can support you during your preparations. Please ask your removals adviser for our removals preparation checklist.
MTL can provide support in the following areas with an extra service agreement, to support you in your preparations:
– De-registrations and re-registrations
– Donation of used removal items to charitable organisations
– Disposing of bulky items
– End of tenancy cleaning
– Renovation work after you have moved out
– Temporary storage of removal items
If you have agreed with us that you should pack and disassemble the furniture yourself, this should already be finished by the day of the move. If you are unable to make this deadline, please let us know two days before the move date. We will then schedule additional staff and agree on the cost.
If you happen to be packing yourself: please take the removals boxes used by professionals, which have double-walled corrugated cardboard. Please ensure to pack the removals boxes correctly. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom, and nothing should be allowed to flap about when the box is shaken. Removal boxes are very sturdy, but their total weight should not exceed 30-35 kg. Place the books in the box vertically. Be sure to label the boxes by room. Use plenty of packing paper and fill out any hollow recesses with cushions and other suitable materials.
The removals price is determined by a certain volume. If you decide to use other services not included in the offer, additional costs may be incurred. Please get in touch with your removals adviser beforehand.
If you have agreed that you will only be taking some of the furniture and items in your apartment, please be sure to label any items that should NOT be taken, for example by using colour-coded post-it notes.
Please be sure to consider the following on the day of the move: Organising childcare, obtaining the key from building management to increase the lift’s capacity, keeping things like cash, cheques, keys and similar items to hand for the move, storing identification documents separately, taking jewellery and other valuable items with you.
The team leader of the packing team will first of all go through your apartment with you on the day of the move, in order to set out the order of work for the day, and to document any previous damage.
If everything is OK, simply leave the packers to do their job. You needn’t worry about anything else. Time to relax and say your goodbyes to your old place. Assembly, packing and loading requires heavy physical work and real concentration. The packers would be delighted to have a selection of water, soft drinks and snacks available. You are not obligated to provide these. Please feel free to give the removals team a tip if you are satisfied with the work. You can choose the amount yourself. Guideline value: no more than EUR 25 per person.

Yes. MTL operates a standard, climate-controlled furniture storage facility at its headquarters in Friedberg (federal state of Hesse). Your removal items will be packed and securely stowed away in closed storage crates in the facility. Please enquire with us about the conditions of storage!

We also offer a self-storage service: You can hire, load and unload a storage box yourself. This can be more cost-effective in certain circumstances, but this is not always the case. We will be happy to explain the respective services and costs to you.

…the following services are required or desired:
Cardboard box delivery before the move, piano transport, art and instrument transport, kitchen assembly, fitting light fixtures, connecting the washing machine, disposing of bulky goods, old files and recyclable materials, end of tenancy cleaning and renovating after you have moved out, consultation regarding customs clearing, transporting a safe, particular discretion and security, special supervision both before and after the move, and of course during the move…
Please ask our removals advisers about our special service. We have an in-depth understanding of many areas, we love to advise and are happy to deal with all manner of things for you, or to bring in a reliable specialist.
Despite every effort being made, damage can sometimes occur. This is very rarely the case with our trained professionals: our damage rate is below 5%, i.e. 95% of all moves are concluded without any damage being caused. The remaining 5% typically involves small, repairable damage. This is an excellent benchmark by industry standards. We endeavour to reduce this rate even further. When moving out and in, our team leader makes an initial appraisal of the removal items and the structural considerations of your place, and makes sure to document any existing damage in a prior damage log.
The liability of removal carriers is set out in the German Commercial Code (HGB) Sections 425, 426, 429, 433, 434, 438 and 451. Thereafter the freight carrier is liable for circumstances attributable to him; liability is limited to the fair value of the (as a rule used) removal item. All other types of damage are covered by statutory regulations. Details can be found in the brochure entitled: “Liability and insurance” (link to PDF download).
In our General Terms and Conditions a description of liability is also included; these GTC correspond exactly to the provisions set out by the Federal Association of Removal Businesses and Logistics (Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik e.V. [AMÖ]).
In view of the limitations to liability it is prudent to take out transport insurance. This means that the re-procurement value of your removal items is insured, and the insurer can deal with any questions of liability. We work together with KRAVAG, a major German insurance business, which has specialised in ensuring logistical processes. We urgently recommend that you take out such an insurance policy when moving abroad.
Moving place can cost a lot of money. It therefore makes sense to obtain several offers for a removals service. Sometimes a company has a better solution to a problem, or a removals adviser gives real consideration to your specific requests. Offers do more than simply give you a chance to compare prices. Trust and communication both play an important role.
When obtaining offers you should consider the following:
Think about which companies are potential options for you. Please read our advice: How can I tell a good removals company?Please request a quote from three appropriately chosen companies independently of one another. Further offers do not necessarily give you a better overview, but do generate costs for the companies. You are better off re-consulting with a removals adviser you trust.
Establish a comparable basis for the offers, i.e. determine what is to be moved, whether youneed a furniture assembly service, and whether you yourself will be packing and unpacking the boxes. Clarify all circumstances which are cost-relevant with a removals adviser: how many steps need to be climbed? Where can the removals truck park? Are there any other special requests and requirements?
Offers can only be compared with the same basis for comparison. The offers you receive should reflect these facts. Please ensure to note down whether you are receiving fixed price offers.
Be wary of low-priced offers!
Removals companies can offer particularly low prices if they work with untrained staff. The resulting damage can occur to your furniture or the stairwell of the building, not to mention the annoyance of not being able to communicate in the language spoken by the packers. A company can quite easily offer low prices if these are not guaranteed. This means that the invoice is subsequently much higher. In short: extremely cheap offers mean stress, annoyance and damage – all included in the service, but not in the offer.
Whether MTL is able to provide the most cost-effective offer depends on which other companies you have requested an offer from at the same conditions. We are an experienced and reliable company, and always offer excellent value for money. We kindly ask every customer to evaluate our performance; over 98% of our customers are very satisfied! You will see: You can relax and look forward to our removal operation!


…Read our References .
The amount of removal costs depends on
– the total volume,
– the required or desired services,
– the necessary packing material,
– the distance involved,
– the conditions at the place of loading and unloading.
Here, you can try to
reduce the amount of removal items. Focus on everything that is valuable, in mint condition and compact. Do you really need all those items in the cellar gathering dust at your new address? Moving place is a fantastic opportunity to clear out! (LINK: Extra services) However, being too strict is not such a good idea: Removal costs do not get lower in direct proportion to reducing the amount of volume and services involved in your move. This is because of the removal costs which do not depend on the volume involved: the route is the same, and so is the size of the team more often than not. Should you have any doubt please ask.
Packing the boxes yourself. Saves money but costs a lot of time. Please note: Insurers do not reimburse any damage to items that you have packed yourself. Please therefore be sure to have your fragile items packed by the carrier. If you’re packing yourself please make sure that you are able to lift the pack boxes with relative ease. Heavy items (e.g. books) should be packed into smaller boxes; when handling larger items you should mix heavy and light together. When unpacking boxes it is worth taking a moment to consider where you would like to store the items in the place you’re moving into.
Disassembling and reassembling furniture? We would recommend against it, because the probability of damaging something increases significantly. This type of damage is not insured.
Offering your assistance with loading on the day of the move? Not a good idea. The crew works like a well oiled machine; you’re not familiar with the rules which means you don’t really save any time. If you were to drop something or injure yourself or somebody else, there will be no insurance cover.
Save with the help of the taxman! Ask your tax adviser: Removal costs are tax-deductible. Prerequisite: you pay in advance by bank transfer (Section 35a Sub-section 2 of the German Income Tax Act [EStG]).
Things can become very dangerous and expensive if you decide to use an untrained group of people for your move:
– Any unregistered workers who cause damage cannot be held liable; no claims can be made for defects,
– If the removals company pays its packers below the minimum wage, you will be liable as the client for the difference,
– If the company does not possess a heavy goods vehicle permit, the removals truck can be stopped when on the move
– If the company suddenly demands more money after loading your household contents onto the truck, you are hardly in a position to dispute this.
Yes. Starting from our company headquarters in Friedberg (federal state of Hesse), just a few kilometres north of Frankfurt, our office for international and overseas removals in Wiesbaden allows us to head out to any destination within Europe and beyond across the globe thanks to our globally established network of partners. We regularly organise trips between Germany, England and Ireland, between Germany, Belgium and France, between Germany and Turkey as well as trips to the USA and the Gulf states. Here you will find our special routes.
We are also well established at regional level. We offer removals services throughout the entire Rhein-Main area, spanning municipalities and cities including Wetterau, Vogelsbergkreis, Taunus, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hanau and Odenwald. We are also operationally active in Mainz and other areas including Kaiserslautern, Ramstein and Landstuhl.
Depending on whether you are moving to a member state of the European Community, within a continent, to Great Britain or overseas, this can have varying consequences in terms of customs and taxes, as well as in relation to the means of packaging and modes of transport, not to mention any documentation on insurance policies relating to your removal items.
Moving places within a member state of the European Community is just like any other removal operation in Germany. There are no border checks and no customs. The removals invoice must include VAT like any other invoice.
Moving to countries outside of the European Community borders (including Switzerland!) is subject to customs and tax regulations when importing and exporting. An inventory list and copies of your passports as well as other documentation must be presented to the customs offices. This is something we handle for you. Any removals costs incurred during removal work beyond the borders of the European Economic Area are VAT-free.
The further the removals distance to be covered, the more labour-intensive the packing. For the purpose of regional and national removal operations, furniture is generally packed in reusable covers. When moving within continental Europe and when putting items into storage, a packaging standard applies which offers particular protection to your removal items when they are being transferred or put into temporary storage. The packing involved in overseas removals is even more labour-intensive. The removal items must be given significant protection against strong movements by the ship.
Please note: The majority of customs offices abroad no longer accept removal items you’ve packed yourself, without first conducting an expensive inspection. You should definitely leave the packing of such items to us!
Small-scale moves are significantly more cost-effective when transported as additional cargo. However, this can take longer. This means that you have to be flexible in terms of time.
Your removals adviser will be happy to bring you up to speed on the details.
Please contact our office for international removals services (→ MTL Moving)
For a removals business it’s simply its bread-and-butter work, but for customers it’s a source of confusion: how is it possible – given that everything is still in its place – to determine a quantity to be transported during removals work without having already measured every item of furniture and packed up the boxes? How does a removals company even know beforehand how many boxes and other packing materials are needed for the move? It’s very straightforward to imagine what a cubic meter looks like when thinking about how two washing machines standing side-by-side look: when taken together, the overall volume as used in the removals industry is almost exactly one cubic metre.
Professional businesses work with standardised removals lists, which include the typical furnishing items you find in people’s homes. Each item on this list is allocated a certain volume. A dining table is listed for example with 8 volume units, a chair with 2, a single bed with 10, a washing machine with 5 volume units. The same volume units are also used in electronic recording programmes. These units are based on empirical values which have been agreed upon by German freight carriers, and which serve as the basis for collaborating with furniture carriers both domestically and abroad; comparable key figures are also used there. The key figures take into account the packaging material used, and that when loading onto the removals truck (furniture can be bulky) a certain amount of space in between is inevitably needed.
Removals advisers use standardised lists containing volume units or special programmes on their smart phone or tablet when conducting a viewing. They have a trained eye for identifying any deviations and dimensions, and can allocate a key figure to items in your home which are not included on the list. They possess the level of experience required to deliver the most realistic estimation of the necessary number of boxes, as well as the amount of assembly work required and the distances to cover. They also note down which items are of particular importance to you, they know what specialist type of packing is recommendable for artwork and antiques, when it is worth using an external lift and where a “No parking” zone needs to be set up outside.
Our responsibility vis-a-vis our customers is also shaped by the same sense of responsibility that governs our thoughts and actions at our company sites, as well as towards our members of staff and the environment.
As a company we provide apprenticeship training, giving practically skilled young adults an opportunity to progress.
Our business operation thrives on a mix of German-Turkish-American-Eastern European-Middle Eastern interculturality (it really does work!). Our staff are treated and paid fairly.
We recycle packing material and ensure that fuel is used efficiently.
Upon request we are happy to arrange the donation of any unwanted household items to charitable organisations in Friedberg or other institutions. We donate to several schools and sports clubs as well as to the social service organisation “Friedberger Tafel”