When visiting our websites we record, process and use your personal data to the extent permitted under German law or as consented to by the user. Such consent, which can be revoked at any time, can also be given electronically.

We store your personal user data (such as your name, date of birth, postal or email address, telephone number etc.) simply in order to process the services on offer, e.g. when you send us an email or register your details in order to purchase goods and services, or when you consent to the recording, processing and use of your personal data by, for example, expressly providing access to this information when using our websites. This information is forwarded to the responsible unit within our company; other companies will only be granted access with your consent.

General data stemming from the use of these websites (e.g. such as the number of visits, webpages visited, duration) is stored and analysed by us in order to assess the level of acceptance attributable to the individual webpages. Unless otherwise stated, this data will be recorded in an anonymous form for statistical and market research purposes.